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Dear Community Member & Friend,

I am excited to announce the launch of the Islip Township Community Torah Campaign. The Jewish people are compared to the letters of the Torah. In our tradition, no letter is more important than another. All the letters of our Holy Torah are interdependent, for without even one letter, the Torah remains incomplete. Similarly, each Jew remains linked with all other Jews in an indissoluble chain.

For the first time in Islip’s history, a Community Torah is being written for you, our community!

For the first time in Islip’s history - Thanks to a dedication by the Miller Family - a Community Torah is being written for you, our community! Without labels, without differences and regardless of background or affiliation, this Torah will connect us all to each other, one letter at a time, connecting each to a word, a sentence, a paragraph, a portion, a book, five books and a Torah, connecting each of us as “One People”.

Link yourself by participating in the writing of this historic CommUnity Torah Scroll. Each part of the Torah, letters, words, sentences, and Torah portions, can be endowed in honor of you or your family and in memory of your loved ones.

A new Torah scroll is a sign of a vibrant community – a healthy, robust and flourishing community that is brimming with Jewish pride. Here in Islip we are writing a new chapter in Jewish history: We are writing our community’s first Torah scroll.

Please read through our Torah Campaign website, to learn more about the uniqueness of this special opportunity, and how you can get involved and join.

Rabbi Shimon and Zeldy Stillerman