And now write for you this song…

- Deuteronomy 31:19

The Torah is the most precious article in Jewish life. In times of need, prayers are offered in its presence and its timeless lessons have carried us through our 3,300 year history.

At Chabad of Islip we believe that every Jew is essential. In our tradition, the Jewish People are likened to the letters of the Torah. No letter is more important than another. All the letters of the Holy Torah are interdependent, for without even one letter, the entire Torah is rendered incomplete. Similarly, each and every Jew is a vital link in the unbreakable and everlasting chain that is the Jewish people. With even a single link missing, we are not whole; only together we are complete.

Link yourself with the Jewish community by participating in the writing of the CommUnity Torah. Each part of the Torah – letters, words, sentences, and Torah portions can be dedicated in honor or in memory of your loved ones. In making this contribution, you will be participating in this incredible Mitzvah and honor of writing a Sefer Torah, and whenever it is read and learned from, your commitment to Judaism and the Jewish faith will be remembered. Let’s write history together!