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Be seen year round while supporting a great cause!

The Jewish Art Calendar is a most attractive multi color publication mailed and distributed to the Jewish community free of charge. The community enjoys this publication for an array of important information, including: local Sabbath and holiday candle lighting times; holiday information and background and insights. It also contains local events.

The calendar hangs on walls and refrigerators in local homes and businesses and is referred to repeatedly throughout the year. This one of a kind publication, is an exciting medium by which to reach consumers in a unique and personal way.

We invite you to join the many businesses who already utilize this opportunity as a means of advertisement and positive public relations.

Additionally by advertising with us, you are taking an active role in advancing Jewish life in the area and helping support our unique programs.

Always makes sure a date is remembered! Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Yahrzeits, birthdays, special honors to a loved one and anniversaries can be recorded as a great way to make sure a special occasion won't be forgotten!

We thank you in anticipation of your support.

The Jewish Art Calendar

I would like to receive a FREE Jewish Community calendar for 2020-21 / 5781

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Please include my family birthdays/yartzeits/anniversaries - $20 Each/ 6 for $99

* Please type names exactly as you'd like them to appear in our calendar
* All birthdays, anniversaries and yahrtzeits will be displayed in the calendar box on the date which they occur.
* Years are not required but will assist us in determining your Hebrew Birthday but will NOT be printed in the calendar.

$99 I want to place 6 special dates in the calendar

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$600 3 Business Card Ads   Total $
$1,200 6 Business Card Ads (every other month)   Notes
$2,500 13 Business Card Ads (one per month      

Business Card Ad (calendar insert) 3.25’’ x 2.375”


Half page ad (calendar insert) 5” x 8”

$2,000 Full page ad (calendar insert) 10.5” x 8”      
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